Welcome to Lifemerized!

Heya! Welcome to Lifemerized!

Honestly I have been wanting to have my blog for so long but you know how it is, you’re always worried if you can do things well enough to get it to the audience. But here I am, writing on Lifemerized afterall!

I ain’t a professional writer or a fancy story teller. I just like looking around, observing life and writing a few things which coincidentally happen to be similar to most of us. There’s so much around to observe and understand if you have the vision! There’s so much to learn everyday, or just simply be amazed at things!

I’m just an everyday teenager (not sure about the “everyday teenager” but certainly a teenager😅) and honestly, I haven’t written anything else than my personal journal and reports and essays for the weekly High school magazine before this. Hence, this blog is as much an adventure as much it’s an experiment! Literally!😅

Thanks for visiting Lifemerized and hopefully you’ll stay tuned for my very first blog post soon!


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