Not Fitting In is Just Amazing!

Ever since we started taking control of our lives, we’ve been trying to fit in! So many of us have been doing things which we don’t like, things that we wouldn’t do if we had a choice…..just to fit in and camouflage in the defined colours of our society! No matter what part of the world you are from, no matter what society you belong to, there’s always a pre-defined path that you’re expected to walk! The funny thing being, we give up too early to oppose the defined notion and fight for what we want!

Often, there’s so much more to us than what we come across as. There’s an entire new You underneath that person you are trying to be. I see so many people around struggling to even go around the everyday life because they’ve been walking the pre-defined path for too long and have now become sceptic of their very own true identity! I’m no exception at times to this! There’s so much we do only to serve social expectations which are worthless and then eventually start getting away from our very own selves. This eventually makes our life stagnant, predictable to an extent where you are left with no other option but feel irritated about it and yet doubt your abilities to do anything about it!

Believe me, we have never come too far to look back and analyze, to take a non-dictated control of what we are doing! We have so much control of how we feel, only if we have a vision to find ways to make life better for us. By allowing others to measure our abilities, we just disable ourselves in all ways possible! Don’t let people or any crazy situations define you, dictate you or take yourself down in your own vision!

Don’t try to fit in, don’t try to be some person just because someone else approves of it. You’re you and it’s so wonderful to be different. Never be too afraid to show your true colours. It’s okay to do things differently, infact it’s amazing!

Don’t try to fit in because you’re afraid of the unfamiliar, because you are afraid of failing on a non pre-defined path! Don’t try to fit in because you’re unsure of what your friends or family would say if you choose something completely different. It’s okay to be mocked and said mean things to, to be pulled down and shamed, to be made feel doubtful about your life choices. Just find your answers to this by your actions!

If there’s something you have been dreaming forever, then go all in! Fearing failure is alright, everyone fears it. But failure at times is as certain as the dawn after the darkness. You can’t dodge and run from it all the time, hence not facing it for this very reason is not an option! It’s not the failure that defines you, it’s not the failure which gives a sense of who you are! It’s what you do after failing that creates your identity! Never fear to stand different. Believe me, when everyone wants to run and fit in the defined framework, you standing different is an absolute fresh breeze of hope and change.

Embrace your failures, roll in it, hug it! Cry in self pity and once done, just rise with the new you! Rise with the absolute believe and truth that you were never meant to fit in the glass slippers but to break the glass ceiling! Glass ceiling, as it is defined by the social norms, is not as a whole! It’s made with small parts, shatter them all one by one! Completely shatter them, debunk all the myths about yourself and rejoice the happiness of taking a step ahead to the very real you.

You’ve never achieved too much to stop allowing yourself to imagine beyond the obvious. There’s more to you than you even know. And the discovery of this ” More” can happen only when you have peace with no one else but yourself!

Don’t be apologetic for your ideas, perception and outlook. You’re allowed to have your own world and absolutely no one has the ability to confine your dreams by dictating you what to do! Never base your definition on someone else’s benchmarks and dictation. Be the badass and get to what you wish!

© 2018 Lifemerized (Andy). Rights reserved to the author.

6 thoughts on “Not Fitting In is Just Amazing!

  1. Originality! I think this is that one thing that defines how wonderful an individual can be and what best can he serve to the humanity. Great work friend!

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  2. Well written!! My philosophy, which I try to instill into my girls is…darlings never try to mold yourself to fit the shape of someone else’s puzzle. Never change, sharpen or tear away from your edges just to lose yourself among the others. Never settle for being a little flicker of color among the picture when you were born to be your own masterpiece.

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  3. hell to the yes! Thank you! I completely agree to all of this. And its so easy to go along with the flow, to be agreeable/likable and lean towards a well-established tribe. Yet if we really listen to our unique needs/wants it rarely leads to a path where many have walked before. I get this. And am on my mission to re-find myself.

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    1. It’s wonderful to here that! May your mission to re-find yourself be hell lot adventurous and successful! Be yourself Jenny and be the trendsetter! Thanks for dropping by! ❤❤❤

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