Getting off the Tough Shoes for a while

When I look around, something that comes obvious to me is that how everyone wants to be in the “tough” shoes while they’re feeling absolutely uncomfortable in them. It’s now, some sort of societal norm which is trying to define our personal way of expression. And then, I can’t get enough of peace by the thought that I too am trying to imitate the same thing. That’s what happens everytime, you try to get things the way they’re done by the other folks around. Haven’t got an idea of what I am talking about? Well well!

It’s about our lack of expressing the normal, absolutely natural and necessary emotions common to humans regardless of the gender. The emotions of pain, the urge to want to cry and get that crap building in your head all out! Oh wait, did I just say “cry”? I guess that’s a brow-raiser for the tough guys around.

It seriously gets my nerves when I think of how mindlessly we let societal norms dictate everything to us, even something as basic as expressing our feelings. Everyone gets vulnerable at times, everyone wants to run somewhere and cry, get all that senseless pain out that’s driving them insane but this, unfortunately goes as “weak” in the “Societal Norms Book to Fuck Your Life”. It’s not much of a brave thing to do around here you know. And absolutely not something that the cool kids around are doing! Come on, you’re strong enough to not naturally express your feelings and fuck your mind up, aren’t you?

Being sensitive (which is supposed to be natural in Human Emotions Directory) and expressing yourself in the fullest manner is not a brave thing to do according to some. But just look at it carefully, actually accepting the fact that you are vulnerable at times and things happen to hurt you is the bravest thing to do because believe me, there are so many of them out there who’re unable to figure out a way to channelize their feelings into the right direction!

Accepting that you can get vulnerable at times is the most amazing thing you can do. It’s going to clear your mind like nothing else because you atleast know that you don’t need to hide yourself from you! Now, this doesn’t mean you go around taking offense to everything the people around do or go around “shoulders to cry on” hunt. It doesn’t mean to air any dirty laundry in public or put your feelings on public display and later realize that you screwed things up. It simply means understanding things and accepting them. It means not running away from things making you vulnerable but to search for them and confront them. You don’t need to find ten different people and rant things to them. It’s more about being one with yourself.

And even if you express yourself in public meeting or to friends sometime and later find it embarrassing then just know its absolutely fine. Atleast, you did what’s natural and most people couldn’t have been able to do. You haven’t literally made a fool out of yourself so chillax!

© 2018 Lifemerized (Andy). Rights reserved to the author.

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