Should We Love Unconditionally?

Unconditional love! Doesn’t it sound a little mythical? Like, it was supposed to be condition based but to just make it fit in a category, we added the prefix- unconditional! As if we needed a way to specify that our love is different, and when you say different, you mean it’s uncommon. Which ultimately means Conditional love is the common one! Now, I might loose half of my readers while I say this, as much crazy hesitance your mind has to accept this, “Unconditional love is literally a myth! ”

Love is supposed to be a team based concept. It’s something that blossoms between two people who are ready to try for each other. It’s supposed to be between people who are ready to accept eachother. Well now, these are conditions! Unconditional love – loving the person, no matter if the person doesn’t do anything to keep your relationship healthy: it’s rather a dangerous, petrifying concept. It’s almost like an isolated island where you are staying wilfully even when you know that surviving there is a stupid thing to think of.

Unconditional love in every respect wouldn’t be anything but a prison! Where you have a chance to escape but you don’t want to! This so-looking mature, spiritual concept is absolutely immature in its ownself! So many of us go around throwing the crap of Unconditional love, without even understanding it!

When you’re in a relationship, and love your partner enough to say that you love them unconditionally, you need to take a look back. You love them so much because they did things for you which you adore, they made you feel good, put in as much effort as you did in making this relationship a healthy one. Now! These are conditions! These are the conditions which made you categorize your love as unconditional! Ironically impressive, uh? How often do we hear people say that they broke up with someone because they couldn’t handle that person anymore but they still deeply love that person? Well, the person broke up because he couldn’t keep up with the other person for some reason and that, again is a condition!

Love is always a team effort. It’s always about two people who are ready to make enough efforts to keep the relationship as much healthy as possible. In this correct context, unconditional love seems really toxic! Relationships have phases, it sees seasons, good and bad, better and worse and that’s how it goes. We should certainly learn to cut slack for our partners but going in a row for too many days feeling stuck and yet staying isn’t a smart choice to make. Why would anyone let the other person do the hell they have to do and yet say, I love you? You can’t love unconditionally. Could you love a person if the person hooked up with someone else all the time? Man, no!

Unconditional love is as real as unicorns! It’s not at all healthy for a relationship. And that’s going to drag your mental health to the lowest standards! You can’t go around with the broken heart and say, “Hey there! I’m heartbroken several times because of the the same person, but you know what, I still love unconditionally!” How senseless would that be!

It’s okay to expect in relationships until your expectations start becoming “Materialistic”. If you’re making efforts to keep things going then you’ve got a due right to question and expect back while taking care of not letting things whirl in a materialistic crap.

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14 thoughts on “Should We Love Unconditionally?

    1. Thanks!❤ If most of us get the concept, we’ll be happier with our relationships. We stand as individuals and are required to be understood equally by our partners. Thanks again.

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  1. Brother read your post… Your arguments for unconditional love are mind blowing… but I beg to differ as have such an unconditional relationship with not 1,2,3 but 100’s of people… it’s spiritual, yes, it is

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    1. Thanks❤ It’s more on a person’s perspective. I have a taken into consideration the materialistic life style most of us are leading. It’s good that you’re having a spiritual growth. Thanks for the read! ❤❤❤

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  2. For me being as a parent, father, and a husband. Unconditional loving towards to those to my wife and my daughter, is as much to emulate and imitate that love from the divine family.
    In short, yes I do agree that it is a “truth” of my life that I never let go of.

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