Don’t Give a Fuck!

It’s very obvious that if we hadn’t had the critics in our life, we could be a lot better than what we’re now. We have been the catch for the critics since we didn’t even know what life meant! It’s really amusing to see how people are so concerned about what’s going on in our lives and how they could find a way to “fix” what they think we’re doing wrong! Well, leaving positive or constructive criticism aside(which is very less to see nowadays), majorly it’s a very depressive criticism that’s thrown our way!

By now, most of us must have become familiar with the fact that no matter what you do, you’re always doing something that someone thinks is useless! It’s better for us to get acquainted with the fact and accept it that no matter what you do, someone’s always going to be unhappy. No matter what you do!!!

Very often I’m not at all doubtful about my decisions, I’m not at all sceptical about what I’m planning to do until someone comes with the “I’m gonna fuck you” attitude and finds a way to make me question my very same decision or plan. Now, everything which was planned to work out good previously is suddenly a thing that I need to think of ten times before executing! Does it not happen with us a lot?

Now the question is, why do we let someone who’s got no practical business with our life manipulate us without even realizing it? You were having a good day, you planned what you wanted to do and made your decision. Isn’t that what should matter? The word “YOUR” here says everything! When something is about you, decided and planned by you, there’s no reason for you to doubt yourself about anything! There’s so much different you can do by doing what you want! By maintaining the originality, by being the creator of this originality you can give yourself and others like you a completely new direction. And about those critics making you question yourself when everything is basically wrong with them, well, they are one of the tribes on the planet who were born to do nothing themselves but find everything wrong with others!

There’s no one capable enough to measure your abilities. Not even you. They can expand and flourish because the scope is infinite. And this infinity stems from your originality! Let people say what they got to say, let them criticize. Just know, they sadly became a victim of the society who’s trying to fit everything in the pre-defined frame. Feel your beautiful vibe the next time because you’re creating your own original frame!

If you feel down because of all the criticism thrown at you or feel confused or doubtful about anything you want to do, just know that if it makes you happy then it’s worth all this, it’s worth the worthless words of the non worthy people!

You know what you could do about it? Just glamorously wear your confidence, feel your own vibe, put that sexy smile on and very sweetly, respectfully say “Fuck You!” to all the free haters because their biggest accomplishment is their *****!

© 2018 Lifemerized (Andy). Rights reserved to the author.

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