The Fear of Letting Go

It happens so often that we move to a new place and suddenly find ourselves resisting to anything that doesn’t resemble or is different from the previous place we were living in. Especially, when we move to a new state or a city or a country for a long time we tend to build a loop around ourselves which is completely based on our memories! Memories about our family, about our previous house and our friends from the previous city.

I’ve moved in a dorm as I am living away from my home for studies. I never shared my room with anyone back home. I was so territorial, and now, I share my room with three other guys! It’s not like I completely hate being where I am but something always seems to purposely hold me back from adapting to this new city and place completely. Hundreds of things keep running through my mind everyday and surprisingly, none of it pertains to this present place. It’s always about my old friends, my home city, my family and my best friends. To look carefully, it’s very me who’s holding myself back from being comfortable and adapting!

Many a times we feel lost in new places. At first we’re so desperate to feel comfortable in that place but soon our good old memories from our old places start hitting our head. We get in a constant habit of comparing our ‘not-so-sorted’ present with our perfect past. And without realising it, we soon start giving up our ability to look at things by a new! Everything starts becoming a competition between our ‘better-than-present past’ and our present.

We are so well adapted to our previous lifestyle, our city, our home, our job, our family, our friends! All of this is a routine and thinking of going away from this for long doesn’t seem a good idea. We build our comfort zone, that’s our territory. And when you get out of it, the pull of memories is so strong that it doesn’t let you go around with your present properly. It’s mutual, the memories keep banging, flashing and we let them! Letting them screw our brain even more, making it difficult for us to embrace our present.

We all are scared of letting go. We don’t want to let go of our past because it has somehow made our emotional selves into what we are. I am scared of letting go of my past because I’m scared of losing myself. I am scared of being someone completely different after few years than what I am now. I have been so careful about the choices I make and the people I keep in my life. I’m scared of losing touch with my emotional self. But maybe it’s time that we let go of a few things and use our memories as a source of inspiration to move ahead and accept what’s coming and not let these memories make us progressively weak in an emotional sense. Let’s make our weaknesses our strength!

There are good people everywhere. There’s always someone who we’d find merging in our aura. Just wait, let go of fear and desperation and wait. The good times would come sooner if we let ourselves a bit loose, merge ourselves in the colours of new place and people. Things wouldn’t be same as earlier, but it means that there’s a scope to experience and feel something different,to start discovering new, different people and places. And amongst all this, we’d also find time to introspect and know ourselves better and discover the strength we have, that we never knew of before. Holding onto our memories and living off it would simply push away our present chances of doing better.

The above write-up was written by me two months back for my friend’s page. Don’t forget to press the star button if you liked it❤ Have a great year ahead!😇 #lifemerized

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37 thoughts on “The Fear of Letting Go

    1. Yes. We can lose our emotional past. Though it’s necessary at times when it’s toxic but losing our sensitivity as individuals towards things is scary. Thanks for the read❤

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  1. Maybe I should be grateful that I did not experience a lot of FOLG when I moved to a whole new continent for studies. It made things very easy. I love and carry the memories from the old place. However I have the fear of letting go of fancy cream containers. It’s crazy. Great post Andy.

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    1. #FOLG seems really fancy. I love the way writers make things fancy for readers, hehe. It’s good that you didn’t experience a lot of FLOG. Shows how well tuned you were to yourself and confident about your decision. Thanks for the read❤ And about the fancy cream containers, I loved them when was kid and also collected them because of their shapes😅

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  2. I moved around quite a bit. I enjoy the varieties of life and everything is an adventure. But, along the way the meaningful relationships dwindle with distance. That has been the downside. My old friends have pretty much filled any voids I’ve left behind and I have some regrets that I can’t unwind.

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    1. Yes they do. The promises to often stay in touch fade with time and we get busy without realising that we’re unable to keep up with old friends. And when one moves around a lot, there’s little time we have to make new friends good enough to trust. Hope you catch up with your old friends soon. Have a great year ahead and awesome time writing! ❤❤❤

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      1. Thank you! I’m still in limbo right now going on for weeks my apartment isn’t ready yet. So 95% of my life is in boxes. I’m in a brand new town brand new state and don’t know a soul. Except for my daughter and granddaughter. I have moments where I go out and feel like I’m on an adventure and other moments where I feel a little lost. I’m hoping as time goes on I’ll feel less lost when even better once all my things unpacked and I can settle into my new digs. I do have two dogs with me and one cat. No Wi-Fi unless I go to my daughters. I’ve taken up watching movies that I had in a big box on my laptop. Today the sun is shining which means it’s a wonderful day and I took a few pictures as I went out exploring. You’re absolutely right I feel best when I’m in bracing the challenges and the possibilities! 😁


      2. I’m happy to hear that you have a granddaughter. You’ll be a lot better after unpacking your stuff. Best of luck for your apartment. Hope it’s beautiful and ready soon!❤ Have a good time with movies!😇🙂

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    1. No need to thank me ma’am. Thanks for your read and thoughts. Yes, living in present is a solution of lot of problems. Have a great year ahead! ❤❤❤


    1. It’s very sad to hear that you lost your best friends! I’ve got two and I can’t imagine not having them in life. I’m heavily dependant on myself but having someone by our side helps a lot. One’s back in my native place and we’re together since 3rd grade until I moved, she’s the one whom I know for almost 13 yeara now and I know that no fight can be strong enough to keep us apart. And the other one, I’ve managed to make here in my recent place. I can certainly understand your position back then.

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      1. It’s sad to hear that. I very well recall the attacks of 26/11. It was tough time. We need a strong stand on cross border terrorism and terrorism in general!

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