Choose People Wisely

We all have been heart broken some time or the other. So many times, we expect things which should be obvious in the given situation but often get less than deserved. To look carefully, we actually could have the control of what and how we feel. It’s just our way of looking at things!

So often we go around chasing people who don’t want to stay. We’re so worried about these people who are completely incapable of understanding us and our emotions. The only reason we care so much about their existence in our lives, the only reason we care so much about what they think of us is our unexplained affection for them. We sometimes pick a liking for a person whom we know so little and simply seem to not have control over it. We think of the non-obvious and start putting in so much from our side in that relationship, going forward without the realisation that the counter person might not really even be knowing what you’re doing that for. So many times, you might simply go unnoticed, and this is true for friendships as well as relationships.

If the friends whom you loved truly, if the people whom you genuinely cared for are ignoring you for no explained reason, shutting you out of their lives while they have a good time with others, just let them go. Don’t try to get too close to them in fear of loosing them. We so often try keeping close to the people who start shutting us out, it’s not completely because you’re worried about their silence but also because you don’t wish to leave room for them to go away. Not everyone is capable of truly understanding you, you’re a gem and there’s no sense in doubting that!

While we’re trying to get attention of that person by whom we’re fascinated or pick a liking to, we often happen to ignore the already existing people in our lives. We tend to take granted the people who are there by choice! We’re wasting so much of our energy behind chasing people who are better off. We frustrate ourselves because of it and don’t have a good time. And in this, we loose all our time which we could use for the people who are there by choice and hence creating obvious space for them to leave too. We could use that time to love the people who are here by choice. We could let them enjoy our energy. That’s so much better than constantly proving your worth to someone who could never completely understand or is not actually worthy himself!

You’re not answerable to anyone for who you are, hence being with people who want to be with you, talk and laugh with you, want to match up to your aura is better than staying with people who are there in your lives just because you chased them everytime they held some prejudice against you, everytime they wanted to give up on you.

We have so much control on how we could feel, it’s only about how smartly we choose! Which way to swing? The choice is yours!

The above was written by me and previously published on my friend’s page. Hit like if you like it.

© 2019 Lifemerized (Andy). Rights reserved to the author.

15 thoughts on “Choose People Wisely

  1. I have a friend who keeps asking his girlfriend if their relationship is going anywhere. She withdraws for a while, then he does it again. I would think if you have to keep wondering like that, your dating out of your own insecurities. Just because you happen upon someone you want to be with, doesn’t make it healthy.

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    1. Very true. It’s mutual and it should be that way. We just miss the time we could use to meet amazing people by sticking to our emotions for a person sometimes. Thanks for dropping by. Have an amazing day! ❤❤❤

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