Let’s welcome a guest post by Vaibhav Vaste! Want to take a look at his lively feelings? #Lifemerized

I know you must be wondering what’s kilig. Well, just imagine looking at your crush and finding that your crush is already looking at you. Those butterflies that you get in your stomach! That very feeling is kilig!

Each and everyone of us have had been in love at-least once (and even if not, crushes se infatute toh sab hue honge!) or have seen somebody and felt that this person is the one. Yes! I have been there too!

My story went something like this…………

Coincidentally, we bumped into each other in the library and then a beautiful journey started. I didn’t believe in love at first sight but then……… That day I had an unusual smile. Her picture never faded from my heart. I started searching for her . I started chasing her for everything.
I never felt that sort of energy ever in my entire life. Getting to know somebody, their likes-dislikes is just a staggering experience.

Each day I confronted her, my heart skipped a beat. Whenever I spoke, my words jumbled. I don’t know what that was. Fear of losing someone? Each time, I tried finding new excuses to see her. And whenever I got a glimpse of that face, the rush of anxiety just got me dumbstruck.

Those college corridors which once felt like hell were no less than heaven now. Everyday waiting to see her walk through the corridors, those playful locks flirting with air, those mysterious deep eyes……KILIG!!!
From impressing her best friend for my own benefit to making up my mind to say it to her, gathering all the guts with a sketch of her in one hand and rose in another……everything, just KILIG!

And on one fine eve I went down on my knees and said those three magical words ‘I LOVE YOU’. She got a genuine blush…….KILIG! It took my heart away, that smile just killed me. That day I didn’t feel that anxiety hitting back! That feeling was fresh. I felt so alive. But, again the wait was not over. She didn’t reply back immediately. I felt an unexplained rush of fear which rooted from a possible ‘No’ as a potential answer. There was an unsual silience in that moment. And then, with an innocent smile on her face, her lips moved and YES she answered ..KILIG!
From then onwards a lifemerizing journey of love began……..KILIG!

© 2019 Lifemerized (Andy). Rights reserved to the author.

10 thoughts on “KiLiG!

  1. It’s always beautiful to see two people in love. Even though, I’m cynical about ‘falling in love’, it’s always still nice to see others genuinely loving the presence of each other.

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    1. I too am cynical about falling in love. Maybe because we’re used to take calculated steps. However, it’s wonderful to see two people embracing eachothers company. ❤❤❤

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