Will it really be fine? (Это действительно будет хорошо?)

Dear Diary, I entered the room with a box of juice packs only to see her lie down and cry with pain. I looked at her and thought that maybe I interrupted at the wrong time. But, she looked in my eyes and kept weeping. I was followed by a girl who wondered as much… Continue reading Will it really be fine? (Это действительно будет хорошо?)


A Shoulder to Cry On

Hey fam! Again a guest post by Vaibhav Vaste is here. There's something he wished to dedicate to someone after a rough time! #Lifemerized That is when I realised who my true friends were. The curse of an intersting life is that either there are very good times or very bad times. But, there is… Continue reading A Shoulder to Cry On


Let's welcome a guest post by Vaibhav Vaste! Want to take a look at his lively feelings? #Lifemerized Kilig! I know you must be wondering what's kilig. Well, just imagine looking at your crush and finding that your crush is already looking at you. Those butterflies that you get in your stomach! That very feeling… Continue reading KiLiG!